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    Our Mission

    The SCNA is an association of and for the people of South Carthay that functions to protect and maintain its unique residential character.  The governing body is the SCNA Board made up of elected volunteer members from the neighborhood, the Board consists of a president and officers.  All South Carthay residents are encouraged to join the association, attend the SCNA Board meetings, participate on SCNA committees and hold office.

    Have you noticed the new speed humps on Packard St.?

     Moving Your Car Every Week For Street Cleaning?

    You don't need to do that!  The city went on a bi-weekly schedule for street sweeping last February.  To find out if your street is being swept by receiving a 24 and 48 hour email notice, go to  and fill in the notice enrollment form on the right side of the page.  Stop emptying one side of the street every week for no reason.

    L.A. To Reduce Outdoor Watering To 2 Days A Week Starting June 1st.

    A Bit of South Carthay History


    South Carthay got its name purely by geography, it was south of Carthay Center, and it remained mostly undeveloped land until 1933.  Up to that time it probably was on a long term lease to Ralph’s Markets, this is suggested by one of the tract maps that subdivided the area. South Carthay is notable because the majority of its buildings are designed in the Spanish Colonial Revival style.  Spyros George Ponty, who built homes in Westwood, Norwalk, Beverly Hills, South Los Angeles, and the San Fernando Valley from 1929 until 1963, built approximately one half of the homes in South Carthay.  This builder/developer selected the Spanish Colonial Revival style because it was familiar to him and because it was one of the popular styles of the period.  Ponty insisted upon quality construction, skilled craftsmanship, and individuality in each of the houses that he constructed.

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