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Emergency Response

The South Carthay ERT (Emergency Response Team), which is part of the L. A. Fire Department's Neighborhood Team Program (NTP), is currently enlisting new volunteers from our community.  We need residents to join us in helping one another when the “big one” hits.  So far, more than 10 volunteers have been trained.  Their role is to be the eyes and ears of the team.  They have learned how to size up their block and communicate that information to our command post.  We will need to know what kind of damage has been suffered by each block so we can assist our neighbors.  Those of us that have been trained by the Los Angeles Fire Department ( CERT program) will need your help in assessing the condition of our community and reporting to first responders, if and when they are available.
As a volunteer, you need no prior experience or special abilities.  This is not the full L.A.F.D. training which takes 17 ½ hours.  You will not be asked to do search and rescue, fire suppression, or triage.  You will be asked to report the condition of the people and structures on your block, once you and your family are safe and secure.
Please don’t put this off and hope it won’t be needed, it will be. 
Contact Ron Sokoloff for more information on joining our team!  (323) 385-3859

South Carthay
Emergency Response Team

Ask any member how to get involved

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The following blocks need volunteers:

  • 1100 & 1200 block of Crescent Hts.

  • 1200 block of La Jolla

  • 1100 & 1200 block of Orlando

  • 1100 block of Alfred

  •  6500 block of Olympic Pl.

  • Every block of Olympic Blvd.

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