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Presentation Update

The consensus is that the proposed 28 story building is too big and is harmful to the SCNA HPOZ and Carthay Neighborhoods Historic District.  Please complete the Community Survey and tell us how you feel about this project.  Deadline is Monday, August 8th at 5pm.  Once we receive the community feedback from the survey, the SCNA will be meeting with Carmel Partners to discuss your concerns.






July 14th Community Town Hall

Here is an article from the Larchmont Buzz which summarizes the town hall which was attended by more than 100 members of the community.



Would you like to see the entire meeting

You will be asked to register using your name and email address and then you will need to type in an access passcode which is



We Need Your Assistance!

There is a growing problem of homeless encampments here in South Carthay.  Your Association has been trying to deal with this problem for more than three years, but we need you, the residents of S.C. to get involved. 

Here is how you can help

1- Please photo document any new or existing activity and send to southcarthay@piconc.com to report any incident.
2- Please CALL 911 for any “illegal” activity witnessed and make sure you get an “Incident Report” number from Wilshire Division.  Keep the time and date of your call.
3- Please keep an eye out on your street and report any suspicious activity IMMEDIATELY.  This would include, anyone sleeping on lawns, congregating or beginning to build structures, trying door of vacant or homes under construction, etc.
4- And as much as it might seem the right thing to do, feeding, providing water and other essentials to those living on our neighborhood sidewalks only exacerbates the growing issue.  We need to engage with our Council District office to get proper help as needed.
5- The SCNA has an open board seat for Safety and Security Position to work with ACS and board to help handle this growing concern in our neighborhood.  If you are interested in applying please email Brad Kane, SCNA President at bkane@kanelaw.la

Dear South Carthay Residents,
We all want to help our fellow human beings. No one wants to see needless suffering. Please consider whether providing money, food or water to our local unhoused neighbors who repeatedly refuse City and County services could be delaying needed mental health and/or medical treatment and unintentionally increasing or prolonging their suffering. For example, we have an unhoused neighbor who flings feces at passersby. Unfortunately, their mental health issues are not severe enough to meet the threshold for government intervention and 72 hour hospitalization. To date, she has refused all government efforts to provide services.
Life is complex. Each of us must follow our own moral compasses. I ask everyone to consider the potential unintended consequences of well-intended actions.

Brad S. Kane
South Carthay Neighborhood Association

 Moving Your Car Every Week For Street Cleaning?

You don't need to do that!  The city went on a bi-weekly schedule for street sweeping last February.  To find out if your street is being swept by receiving a 24 and 48 hour email notice, go to http://www.streetsla.lacity.org/sweeping  and fill in the notice enrollment form on the right side of the page.  Stop emptying one side of the street every week for no reason.

L.A. To Reduce Outdoor Watering To 2 Days A Week Starting June 1st.