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South Carthay
National Historic Register Plaques


Dear South Carthay Property Owner:

A bronze plaque, like the one pictured here, for your historic property was 

specially designed by a South Carthay volunteer and incorporates iconic elements of our Carthay neighborhoods.

The dimensions are 10” wide by 12” high. It is 5/8” thick overall. It is designed for mounting on a stucco wall (labor cost for mounting is NOT included).It will be sand cast and made of highest quality bronze. I know that I am eager and excited to get one for my four-unit property on S. Alfred St.

After researching various companies here and around the nation, Southern California Bronze stood out as a company that has long experience providing bronze historical plaques for Los Angeles historical sites of all kinds and their prices are in line with the industry overall. It uses the materials of best quality and the results are excellent.The plaque will enhance your property.

Because of Covid and the supply chain shortages caused by it, plus general inflation, the industry raised prices ten percent last year. However, South Carthay’s committee for the National Register campaign was able to get discounts on the cost of manufacturing when multiple orders can be cast from one specially-made mold (permanent pattern).   Southern California Bronze is not charging us for the special mold it will need to make in order to handle our volume order - $987.00 has been waived.

To save on shipping costs, all orders will be delivered together in ONE shipment to my address in South Carthay.  Hence, you will see that the per unit cost for shipping is the Shipping cost stated divided by the number of orders, making for a better discount.

Plaque prices, including tax and shipping:

QUANTITY        DESCRIPTION                            PRICE EA.           CA TAX             SHIPPING      TOTAL

01 ea.     Bronze Plaque per design             $613.00               $44.00               $30.00        $687.00

02 ea.                       “                                  “              $575.00               $42.00                $56.00        $645.00

03 ea.                       “                                  “              $562.00               $41.00                 $56.00        $622.00

04 ea.                       “                                  “              $556.00               $40.00               $84.00        $617.00

05 ea.                       “                                  “              $552.00               $40.00               $84.00        $613.00

(5 units through 9 units - Price, Tax and Shipping remain the same = $613.00 per unit)

10 ea.                       “                                  “               $544.00               $39.00              $130.00        $596.00

(10 units through 19 units - Price, Tax & Shipping remain the same = $596.00 per unit)

20 ea.                       “                                  “               $541.00                $39.00             $244.00       $592.00

(20 units and beyond – Price, Tax and Shipping remain the same = $592.00)

If you decide to place an order for a plaque, we will wait to give you the final cost for your plaque until all people have stated definitely their intent to order a plaque (and how many). Based on the total number of orders, we will know what the final cost will be. Again, the more orders, the lower the cost per unit. We need to hear back from you before October 30.

We will contact you to describe the ways you can pay and by when you must pay.  When all funds have been collected (all money will be deposited into the South Carthay Neighborhood Association's account), the price for your plaque will be reconfirmed (in case not all payments were made and the unit price slightly changes), and then the order will be placed.

We will contact you when the bronze plaques all arrive. We’ll then arrange for you to come by for your plaque at a mutually arranged time. (If you are unable to drive, I or another volunteer will deliver it to you.)

Remember that we need to set a deadline for placing your order: October 30, 2022.

Thank you,

Walter Dominguez, Chair, South Carthay

Neighborhood Association -

National Register Committee

c/o 1209 S. Alfred St.,

Los Angeles, CA 90035

• (310) 890-3794 (Cell)

Email: weavingthepast@yahoo.com

You may have noticed the lovely planters along the Post Offic on Alfred St.  This is courtesy of neighborhood volunteers and residents as part of the Post Office Beautification Project. 

Special thanks to Walter Dominguez, Ron Sokoloff, Olivier Wicki, Allen Brownstein, Michael Stokes, Renee Barnes Michael H. , Sirigopal and all those who donated plants, soil and added watering to the new landscaping. 

We thank everyone for their hard work and volunteerism in keeping our neighborhood beautiful.

We are hoping to continue this project in the coming months, when the weather permits.  Look for more updates and volunteer opportunities.  Thank you all!  If you would like to donate toward the cost of this project go to the Post Office link at the top menu.


Post Office Beautification Continues

by Lisa Kaye, P.C.I.O. rep for South Carthay



We Need Your Assistance!

There is a growing problem of homeless encampments here in South Carthay.  Your Association has been trying to deal with this problem for more than three years, but we need you, the residents of S.C. to get involved. 

Here is how you can help

1- Please photo document any new or existing activity and send to southcarthay@piconc.com to report any incident.
2- Please CALL 911 for any “illegal” activity witnessed and make sure you get an “Incident Report” number from Wilshire Division.  Keep the time and date of your call.
3- Please keep an eye out on your street and report any suspicious activity IMMEDIATELY.  This would include, anyone sleeping on lawns, congregating or beginning to build structures, trying door of vacant or homes under construction, etc.
4- And as much as it might seem the right thing to do, feeding, providing water and other essentials to those living on our neighborhood sidewalks only exacerbates the growing issue.  We need to engage with our Council District office to get proper help as needed.
5- The SCNA has an open board seat for Safety and Security Position to work with ACS and board to help handle this growing concern in our neighborhood.  If you are interested in applying please email Brad Kane, SCNA President at bkane@kanelaw.la

Dear South Carthay Residents,
We all want to help our fellow human beings. No one wants to see needless suffering. Please consider whether providing money, food or water to our local unhoused neighbors who repeatedly refuse City and County services could be delaying needed mental health and/or medical treatment and unintentionally increasing or prolonging their suffering. For example, we have an unhoused neighbor who flings feces at passersby. Unfortunately, their mental health issues are not severe enough to meet the threshold for government intervention and 72 hour hospitalization. To date, she has refused all government efforts to provide services.
Life is complex. Each of us must follow our own moral compasses. I ask everyone to consider the potential unintended consequences of well-intended actions.

Brad S. Kane
South Carthay Neighborhood Association

 Moving Your Car Every Week For Street Cleaning?

You don't need to do that!  The city went on a bi-weekly schedule for street sweeping last February.  To find out if your street is being swept by receiving a 24 and 48 hour email notice, go to http://www.streetsla.lacity.org/sweeping  and fill in the notice enrollment form on the right side of the page.  Stop emptying one side of the street every week for no reason.