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Mayor Bass would like you to take an 8 minute survey measuring safety and security in our neighborhood. Your feedback is essential.  Here is the link,


Dear Neighbor,

Everyone in Los Angeles deserves access to high quality green space and enriching, low-cost programming at our parks. Places where our kids can play safely, where we can meet up with friends for a picnic, and where we can enjoy a walk. To help make our parks even better, my team and I are conducting a district-wide survey, and we want to hear from you!

The survey is short and to the point, and will help us identify physical improvements and recreational programs that our community would like to see at current recreation and park facilities in Council District 5. While not all of the ideas gathered in this survey are guaranteed to move forward, it will provide valuable information as we prioritize city resources in the coming years. We are collecting responses through March 31, 2024, so if you can, please complete the survey before then. If you know someone who lives in Council District 5 and cares about our parks, please feel free to forward this survey to them.




Katy Yaroslavsky

Councilwoman, Fifth District


What Should You Expect From the South Carthay Emergency Response Team in the Event of a Major Disaster?

A member of your household is injured but phone lines are down so there is no way to reach 911.  We may be on our own for days with no paramedics or first responders available.  How do you get help?  The South Carthay Emergency Response Team, which is a part of the Los Angeles Fire Department’s Neighborhood Team Program, has a large supply of medical supplies on hand and is planning to be available to assist you.  We will be setting up our medical response area at the intersection of Orlando and La Jolla Ave.    If you are interested in joining the team but were not able to stop by our May 7th event, send me an email and I'll get more information to you.

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