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A Note From
Friends of South Carthay

WHAT: Fundraiser
DATE: Sunday, June 23
TIME: 2:00 pm
WHERE: Home of Ed & Ruth Friedman, 1047 Alvira St.


  • Our neighbors who have made their views known with lawn signs

  • Our neighbors who have contributed to our legal fund

  • Our neighbors who have handed out flyers and gone door to door to educate our community about this inappropriate Tower

  • Our neighbors who have helped us in so many other ways

But, we still need your help.  The only way we are going to stop the Tower is to win our pending lawsuit.  And the only way we are going to win our lawsuit is to raise enough money to get to the finish line.  We are told by our legal team that our legal position should prevail, but we still need to raise the necessary funds to pay attorneys’ fees and costs of the litigation. 
What you can do.  We are having our second fundraiser this coming Sunday, June 23 at 2 pm at the home of Ed and Ruth Friedman, 1047 Alvira Street.   Our attorney will be present to inform us about the status of the lawsuit and answer questions.  Light refreshments will be served and lawn signs will be available. Even if you attended our first fundraiser in March, you are more than welcome to attend this Sunday.  If you know you will be with us on the 23rd, please go to our website ( and RSVP, so we will have some idea of how many of our neighbors will be there.
If you can’t attend, please send your check made out to Friends of South Carthay and mail it to FOSC, PO Box 35280, Los Angeles, CA 90035, or go to our website and go to Donate to get instructions on how to use PayPal to make your donation.   You can also visit our website to learn more about our efforts, which of your neighbors are our active supporters, and how you can volunteer to help us.  We welcome whatever level of giving you are comfortable with.  We have raised over $50,000 and need to raise around $40,000 more to fully fund our efforts. We have been helped by nearly 30 of our neighbors who have each contributed $1,000 or more. 
Remember, this is a community effort.  None of us want to wake up every morning and see the Tower looming over our neighborhood.  Nobody wants to experience the increased traffic that will result from the current size and location of the project.  Nobody who owns a home or building in our South Carthay neighborhood wants to lose market value that the Tower is sure to bring.  Instead, all of us chose to live in our neighborhood because of its historic character and because it is a step away from the urban landscape that other neighborhoods must contend with.  We can keep it that way with your help!



Captain Jeffrey Hollis was born in Jersey City, New Jersey. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona, before moving to the City of Los Angeles.

Captain Hollis taught both junior high school and high school for several years after graduation. In 1992 he joined the Los Angeles Police Department Reserve Corps.  There he graduated at the top of his class, earning honors as the number one recruit of academy class 6-92R. Although he enjoyed teaching, he found his experiences as a reserve to be inspirational, and he decided to switch careers.
n April of 2022 he was promoted to the rank of captain and assigned as the Commanding Officer of Foothill Patrol Division. As he has throughout his career, he remains committed to serving the communities of Los Angeles and supporting the men and women of the Los Angeles Police Department.

What Should You Expect From the South Carthay Emergency Response Team in the Event of a Major Disaster?

A member of your household is injured but phone lines are down so there is no way to reach 911.  We may be on our own for days with no paramedics or first responders available.  How do you get help?  The South Carthay Emergency Response Team, which is a part of the Los Angeles Fire Department’s Neighborhood Team Program, has a large supply of medical supplies on hand and is planning to be available to assist you.  We will be setting up our medical response area at the intersection of Orlando and La Jolla Ave.    If you are interested in joining the team but were not able to stop by our May 7th event, send me an email and I'll get more information to you.

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