What have you been doing the past 2 years and why should I join?

1- We successfully contacted the absent property owners at 1149 Orlando to place a security fence and repair the broken wooden fence along the alley to ward off squatters and transients who had taken up residence in the abandoned building. Members of the board held a Zoom call led by President Brad Kane to address these issues and hold the property owners to some level of accountability.  The development is still underway and we have followed up to get a status update on construction since some of the exterior changes required HPOZ approval.

2- At 6000 W Pico (the location of the proposed “hotel”) a number of residents had successfully “encouraged” the unhoused individual who had taken up residence on the street to move along.  We had volunteers to clear the debris left behind on two occasions since the city has been backlogged on requests to remove abandoned encampments.  We continue to stay on top of this issue.  The unhoused individuals on Alvira and Pico are being handled by Homeless Advocates and Outreach through CD 5 and we are told that they are on a “wait-list” for temporary housing.  The property owner, of Anthony Auto Body former location 6055 Pico has cleared the graffiti and continues to monitor the situation.  Proposed development for that property is underway with an approved TOC apartment complex development of 5 stories and 125 units proposed from Wiseman Developers.

3-The proposed hotel at 6000 Pico corners between La Jolla and Alvira has had their permits “terminated” which means they are NOT moving forward with the hotel.  It’s unclear what the developer Roy Jutaba will do with the property or if he will sell it.  We will keep you updated.

4-The “Jerry’s Garden” project 6166-6144 Pico has acquired permits for interior demolition. They are moving ahead with a TOC apartment complex of 5 stories and 80 units with construction anticipated to begin sometime this summer.

5-6118 Pico had an “illegal” cannabis dispensary which has been shut down thanks to the help and report by SCNA board members and neighbors.  We reported to our Council District office who coordinated with LAPD and was able to make multiple arrest and secure the property by boarding it up.


6- We were able to get LADOT to install speed humps on 1100 and 1200 blocks of Alvira by the hard work of dedicated neighbors; we also were able to secure restricted permit parking on the 1100 blocks of Alvira and 1100 blocks of La Jolla and have received approval to install speed humps on Packard between Alfred and La Jolla.  In addition, we submitted applications for speed humps for Whitworth between Orlando and Alvira and on 1100 of Orlando and are awaiting an update from LADOT as they were severely impacted with staffing shortages during the pandemic.  An effort will be made to look at getting PPD 52 parking for streets in the South Carthay that are currently “vulnerable” as the increase in development will continue along the Pico and La Cienega corridors potentially impacting parking in the area.


7-SCNA President Brad Kane and SCNA Communications Chuck Marquardt organized and hosted a CD 5 Candidate Forum on Zoom in October, 2021 for all of the candidates running for the council seat.  Another forum will be held with the top candidates TBD March 30, 2022 via ZOOM -more information will be provided.

8-On January 21, 2022 the National Historic Registry Committee approved national historic designation jointly to Carthay Circle, South Carthay and Carthay Square, dubbed, “Carthay Neighborhood Historic District".  Walter Dominguez our fellow SCNA board member led the charge as Chair of the committee that included leaders from the three neighborhood associations in a joint community effort.  The communities raised in excess of $100K to hire ARG (Architectural Resource Group) Consultants to help our communities with the application and pain-staking historic research that helped us gain this recognition. 

9-1056 La Cienega- Development is slated for a 300 unit TOC apartment complex by Carmel Partners. No plans have been submitted to City Planning but they have acquired the double nearly 2 acre lot for both parcels on La Cienega between Olympic and Whitworth. The developers have agreed to consider a “community park/green space” as a permanent installation for the community.  We will provide more updates to the community when this materializes. 

10- Finally, the long awaited South Carthay Neighborhood Festival SAVE THE DATE on Sunday, June 12th led by SCNA board members Chuck Marquardt and Kelly DeLaat.  Details to follow.

11- Post office Beautification Project:  A number of South Carthay neighbors and community volunteers would like to get a group together for planting and fund raising to help once again, clean up, plant and maintain the garden area surrounding the post office.  If there are any interested community volunteers willing to help please contact me us using the Contact Us page from the top menu of this website.

12-The SCNA and Carthay Square Neighborhood Association successfully argued against proposed City Council seat redistricting that would have split us between CD-5 and CD-10, which would have greatly complicated access to City services and diluted our voting power.

If anyone in our neighborhood community has any specific questions related to any of these developments or wants to learn how to get involved in South Carthay, feel free to email us at southcarthayassociation@gmail.com