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Thanks to the efforts of the South Carthay Neighborhood Association (SCNA), new Speed Humps are now in place along Packard St., between S. Alfred St. and S. La Jolla Ave.

SCNA P.I.C.O. Rep, Lisa Kaye, and Urban Affairs Committee chair, Walter Dominguez, spearheaded the two-year effort to get them approved and installed. The DOT is heavily backlogged and we’re competing for speed humps with neighborhoods across Los Angeles, but SCNA was able to get them prioritized here through the association’s persistence.


South Carthay residents on Packard St. have long complained about the increasing volume of traffic ever since the traffic signal was installed at Packard and La Cienega. But cars and trucks speeding through South Carthay along Packard was an even greater concern. Pedestrians and cyclists crossing the intersection at Packard and Orlando – where there are no four-way stop signs – were increasingly at greater risk.  Even vehicles traveling on Orlando trying to cross Packard had to be extra cautious when crossing. Near-collisions were commonplace.

But now, traffic has been slowed and it is much safer for South Carthay’s residents to enjoy a stroll, take their dogs for a walk, or go cycling or driving.

Still to be done: Speed Humps on S. Orlando Ave, as well as on Whitworth Ave. (which sees so much daily traffic, speeding, and street surface degradation). Though DOT is very backlogged with a more than two-year wait, your SCNA will keep pushing to get traffic quelled and improve safety in our fair neighborhood.

This project is one of many important safety and quality of life improvements that your South Carthay Neighborhood Association has accomplished over the years. We have an active association and we are there for you.


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