Preuss Post Office Beautification


Volunteers from the Neighborhoods serviced by the Preuss Post Office worked together to clean up and beautify the property.

From Siri Gopal Singh, who coordinated the effort:

We focused mainly on the front area -

  • Trimmed lantana

  • Put down a biodegradable non plastic weed barrier in the front lavender bed

  • Planted lavender

  • Removed some grass and weeds from sidewalk cracks

  • Picked up trash and used hypodermic needles

  • Spread over 40 cubic yards of wood chips

  • Trimmed a tree

  • Removed and gave away extra agaves

  • Had a fun time as a community

Overall we had

Doug, Robin, Jodi, Maura, Carol, Patrick, Aden, Siri Gopal Singh, Garret, Maritiza and two small boys Dylan and Carter volunteer. 

The greater part of the work was in the morning with most people leaving in the afternoon.  Doug, Robin and myself worked till 7:30 to finish and clean up. 

We had donations of

  • $200 for the lavender from Lisa

  • $25 for stakes and one burlap sack from Judi

  • Bartlett Tree Experts and the City of Los Angeles donated wood chips

  • Tools loaned out from Robin, Siri Gopal Singh and Santokh Singh 

  • $40 from Steve for food and drinks

  • $60 from Siri Gopal Singh for misc.

  • Burlap sacks form Sheryl

We later had some large pieces of wood donated from Roxanne for a seating area that are in the overall general design plans.  It was from two 45 year old trees. 

Looking forward to more movement and beautification of the area.

Siri Gopal Singh