Neighborhood News


Congratulations to one and all for a truly great effort, which resulted in a UNANIMOUS vote from each of the State Historic Resources Commissioners and their staff in Support of our designation as both a State AND National Historic District! 

Each one of our hardworking team of volunteers who worked diligently against odds - with a raging pandemic from 2020 succeeded in obtaining the funding we needed and the high level of outreach and support for our successful nomination from our neighbors and friends. Each of you that sent your letters in support to  and we tallied up over 127 letters in support! This is a truly community-wide showing of support.  Those of you who donated your funds and time, many, many heartfelt thanks to every one of you! 

What are the Benefits of the National Register

  • It adds another layer of protection for our treasured neighborhoods

  • It helps protect the very quality of life that attracted us to our neighborhoods

  • It increases property values, according to studies of neighborhoods with an historic designation

It provides property owners with access to federal grants and other incentives for properties in need of rehabilitation

What Have You Done The Past 2 Years?


Although the pandemic has taken a lot out of us individually our community had many challenges these past 2 years as well.  With increase crime, vacant or abandoned buildings, stalled development, increased unhoused community, graffiti, it’s been quite a bit for our small area to manage.  In addition, we've had turnover in our Council District 5 Paul Koretz office, with staff who were helping take other positions and getting their replacements up to speed on the issues at hand so they can be of assistance.  Our senior lead officer was pulled away to help fight the increased crime in the Melrose district leaving our surrounding area vulnerable and without adequate police support.  Being part of the South Carthay Neighborhood Association community helps all of us stay informed and help report issues as they arise.


Some of the areas we have helped with the support of fellow board members, Lisa Kaye, Michael Stokes, Steve Friedland, Walter Dominguez and others have been in keeping vigilant and holding some level of accountability to developers and fellow property owners in the South Carthay area.


More Speed Humps for South Carthay

In order to slow down some of the cut through traffic on our streets, 2 new speed humps have been added onto Packard St. between Orlando and La Jolla.