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One June 15th there was a meeting held with the management of Vons Markets to discuss an upgrade of their facility at Fairfax & Pico.  Here are the notes from that meeting.


Background:  Vons is a Southern California and Southern Nevada supermarket chain and a division of Safeway, Inc.  Vons is headquartered in Arcadia, California, and operates stores under the Vons and Pavilions banners.  Vons is owned by Safeway, Inc., (which itself is based in Pleasanton, CA), an American supermarket chain that was acquired by Albertsons, which in turn is owned by private equity investors led by Cerberus Capital Management (a private equity fund) in January 2015.   It is no longer a public company and does not answer to public shareholders.

Management recognizes that the store has not been remodeled for 14 years.

Two weeks ago, corporate management came out to review the store, to measure, and to update about a full remodel to take place in 2015.

It will cost nearly $1 million to remodel.  The square footage will be the same.  They will add a butcher block, seafood counter, floral, and expand liquor offerings.  They will create more space with the confines of the existing store.  They will adjust the checkout lanes so that they take up less space.

The store is not going to be torn down.   The entitlement permit which was obtained by Safeway and was filed and accepted by City Planning Commission of LA in 2010 has been shelved.  That permit would have expanded the store into the parking lot increasing its footprint, and placed parking on top of the store. 


What about more kosher products serving the Jewish community which abuts Vons?

There will be more chicken, meats, assorted vendors, and seasonal kosher products.  They have a consultant to help with selecting the appropriate products. 

What about other quality products?

They will add Diestel and organic brands on offer.

What is the timeline of the remodel?

It will start in October or November 2015.  They will remain open during remodel.  They did not give a timeline for how long it will take.

Additional Comments:

There were many comments about how management and the corporation are missing an important opportunity to serve the community better and more satisfactorily. 

·         Great Streets Initiative from Mayor Garcetti’s office puts the focus on Pico Blvd from Fairfax to Burnside.  Vons could be an anchor of that focus and redevelopment.

·         The community and its demographics have changed significantly in the last 10-15 years.   Average home prices have risen, residents have changed, and shopping habits are different now.  Higher demand for better quality products (i.e. organics, kosher, gluten-free, and locally sourced produce) in a more refined shopping experience is what drives consumers’ preferences now.  Vons current store does not always reflect these changes.

·         Competition has increased from Whole Foods and Ralphs, which cater to these changing needs.  People do shop at places other than Vons because of its poor profile.  Vons is not a viable competitor.

·          Many people would prefer to do their regular grocery shopping at Vons because of its location.  However, because of the layout, the product quality, and the experience, many residents of the area bypass Vons to go to other stores.  Vons is not considered a shopping destination.

·         Many residents view Vons as a “convenience store” and not as a primary place to shop.  They go there out of necessity for a few items, not their main shopping.  Also, it is viewed as a last resort destination for shopping because of its negative profile.  Vons is not a primary source for groceries for many residents.

·         Many residents believe that it would be in Vons best corporate interest (i.e. profitability) to undertake a thorough market analysis of the store, its location, and demographics surrounding the store to better understand the economics of enlarging the store and changing its product offerings.  Vons is viewing the economic viability of its Pico/Fairfax location through a lens that is 10-15 years old, not one that focuses on today’s shopping realities.

·         A remodeling of the store simply reflects what corporate owners want and not what the community wants or needs.  Vons is not listening to the requests, needs, and preferences of the community it intends to serve.

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There is a membership form located at the top of this page which can be downloaded.  Please fill it out and mail it to the association's address along with your check. 


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  • DO NOT turn off gas to the meter unless you smell gas, hear the sound of gas escaping or see other signs of a leak--and ONLY if it is safe to do so. If you turn off gas to the meter, leave it off. Do not turn it back on yourself. Interior gas piping and appliances must be inspected for possible damage before service can be safely restored. Call SoCalGas to turn the gas back on, to relight the pilots and service your appliances. Note that certain repairs may have to be performed by your plumber or heating contractor. However, only SoCalGas field employees are allowed to turn on the gas to the meter.
  • For safety, a shut-off valve should be installed at every gas appliance, and may be required by state and/or local codes. If a leak occurs at a specific appliance, the valve will permit you to turn off the gas at the appliance rather than shutting off all gas service at the meter. Some valves require a wrench to turn them.
  • Check your water heater and furnace vents. If the venting system becomes separated during an earthquake or other event, it could leak hazardous fumes into your home. Do not operate your appliance unless it is properly vented.  Signs of an improperly vented appliance may include moisture on the inside of windows or an unusual odor when the appliance is in operation.
  • DO NOT ignite a flame or use any electrical appliances, light switches or other devices that can cause a spark until you're sure there are no gas leaks.
  • Keep informed of the situation through local radio and television.
  • If evacuation is necessary, prepare an evacuation kit, including personal hygiene items, change of clothes, bedding and medication, if possible. Food, shelter and first aid are available at shelters.
  • If it is safe to do so, check on your neighbors, especially elderly and disabled persons.
  • Use the telephone only for family emergency needs or to report unsafe or dangerous conditions.
  • Do not use 911 unless you have a life-threatening emergency.
  • Avoid unnecessary trips. If you must travel during an emergency, dress in warm, loose layers of clothing and sturdy shoes. Advise others of your destination.
  • Use flashlights -- NOT lanterns, matches or candles -- to examine buildings, as flammable gases may be inside.
  • Follow instructions of local authorities regarding the safety of drinking water. If in doubt, boil or purify water before drinking or call public health officials.
  • Avoid "sightseeing" in disaster areas. You may hamper rescue efforts or place yourself in danger. For more info visit: http://www.socalgas.com/safety/preparation.shtml



In Los Angeles, our communities are ill-prepared for the destructive potential of the major earthquake that is now overdue.   When it happens, police, fire and medical services will be unavailable to local communities for days following the earthquake and citizens will have to rely on their own supplies, knowledge and organization

The NEIGHBORHOOD TEAM PROGRAM (NTP) coordinates L.A. Fire Dept. Trained CERT personnel working alongside their untrained neighbors into NETs, Neighborhood Emergency Teams. Each program is adaptable to the needs, resources and interests of each community, thereby improving preparedness and response at the neighborhood level. 

Volunteer teams living within a 3-5 block radius, are led by CERT trained personnel from the area and are instructed in personal, family and limited group preparedness techniques. These include search and report, light search and rescue, damage assessment, communications and field level medical treatment.

Participation in your NTP, will help ensure your family's safety, as well as yourself. You will learn the basics of emergency services protocols. You will learn about your neighbor's strengths and weaknesses.  You will be be prepared in advance with supplies and contact information.  To become a member of the South Carthay Neighborhood contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

ALERT L.A. PDF Print E-mail

Los Angeles County has implemented an emergency mass notification system that will be used to contact County residents and businesses via recorded phone messages, text messages or e-mail messages in case of emergency.  The system, called Alert LA County, will be used by the County’s Emergency Operations Center to notify residents and businesses of emergencies or critical situations and provide information regarding necessary actions, such as evacuations.  The system utilizes the telephone companies’ 911 database and is able to contact land-line telephone numbers, whether listed or unlisted.  If the call is picked up by an answering machine, the system will leave a recorded message.  If the number called is busy or does not answer, the system will redial the number in an attempt to deliver the message.  The system is also TTY/TDD compatible.

Because the Alert LA County system uses the 911 database, only land-line numbers are automatically included in the system.  If you have a cellular or Voice over IP number and would like to be notified on that device, or if you would like an e-mail notification, you must register those telephone numbers and/or e-mail address.

Because the Alert LA County system uses geomaping, each telephone number and/or e-mail address can only be associated with one street address in the system.

Each telephone number and e-mail address registered will be contacted only when the street address it is associated with is impacted by a disaster or emergency.

Here is the link to the Los Angeles County website needed to register.




If your car breaks down on the freeway and there is no Call Box in sight, you can use your cellphone to get non-emergency roadside assistance quickly and easily by calling 3-9-9.  You can also use this to report obstacles or hazards in the road.

Calls to 3-9-9 are connected to Call Box operators who can dispatch Metro Freeway Service Patrol (FSP) tow trucks to your location.  If you are covered by AAA, the dispatcher can patch your call straight through to AAA.  FSP help is free of charge, and is funded by an additional $1 on every Vehicle Licenses Fee in the State of California.

In emergencies, you should still always call 9-1-1.



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